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When you think about the needs of a small or midsize business, computer networks probably aren’t first on the list. It’s easy to see why. Such companies often work with little more than a handful of PCs and perhaps some printers, not enough to justify the cost of an extensive network or a fully-staffed IT department.
However, small and midsize businesses are increasingly relying on technology in running their day-to-day operations. Computers make internal communication easier while allowing employees to collaborate across departments and locations. Meanwhile, employee efficiency is measured by how quickly they can complete tasks using various software programs that run on company computers.
In this environment, your business also needs reliable data cabling to connect all these devices together, without any hiccups or interruptions. Fiber is the ideal medium for this.
Fiber cabling uses glass filaments to transport data through beams of light, which are more secure and reliable than metal wiring can ever be. Fiber networks don’t generate electromagnetic interference, so they won’t interfere with your business’ other electronics. And since fiber doesn’t corrode over time like metal wiring does, it is highly durable as well as being extremely safe for use around computers that contain sensitive information.
So what are some benefits of using fiber data cabling in a small to midsize business?
Here’s just a few:
  •  Faster speeds
  •  Guaranteed security against eavesdropping
  •  Higher bandwidth capacity
  •  Less vulnerability to electromagnetic interference
  •  More reliable networks
Fiber data cabling delivers the speed, security, and durability that your business needs. And since fiber is becoming more affordable all the time, there’s no reason not to look into it.
For more information about fiber data cabling, visit Aspen Communications today. Aspen Communications is an industry leader in providing high-quality fiber optic solutions for small to midsize businesses across the nation.

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